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Dynamics GP to Business Central Migration: Reasons & Benefits

Predicting future business trends is almost impossible in this volatile market. However, technological advancements have made it possible to mitigate market risks through Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. Leveraging the benefits of an ERP has made it possible for businesses to chart a successful plan for growth notwithstanding the market volatility.

Both Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics GP are ERPs designed to meet the management requirements of small and medium-sized businesses. Running a business in these unforeseen circumstances is challenging and requires careful planning. If you’re using the Great Plains (GP) for your business, you know it's time to upgrade.

Dynamics GP and Navision are both legacy systems of Microsoft. GP and NAV are the most well-regarded ERPs with heavy investments to expand and enhance their functionalities. Microsoft is one of the formidable names in modern technology and innovation and launched a native cloud ERP solution in 2016, named Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It has revolutionized the entire industry making the software the ideal fit for global businesses looking at scalability.

Microsoft is planning to sunset Microsoft GP.

However, they will be supporting GP with bug fixes, security enhancements, and limited features, for the foreseeable future. With significant advancements in technology and rising competition in the market, businesses must stay competitive and keep pace with the latest developments.

Migrating to Business Central can solve the technical debt of using years of legacy on-premise solutions and the many security risks that come with it.

While changing your ERP solution may seem daunting, upgrading to Business Central brings umpteen benefits to your organization. With the sunset looming on GP, it’s time to move to the cloud!

Why should you migrate?

Reduced costs
Added costs when the world is going through a global recession of sorts are never good news. With the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365, your business saves a ton of money on infrastructural maintenance, upgrades or integrations. Your business is always protected with Microsoft Cloud. With this, your data will automatically synchronize to the cloud from the on-premise system, minus the hassle. So even if you haven’t moved to the cloud entirely, you can benefit from the replica of cloud abilities for your business.

(With licencing discounts on making the move to Business Central from GP, your business stands to benefit a lot more!)

Exercise greater control of your business process
The flexibility provided by Microsoft Dynamics 365 is unparalleled. Business Central can be easily accessed from your mobile, laptop, or PC, giving you the freedom to be productive from anywhere, anytime. This leads to quick decision-making with real-time data available at your fingertips and improved productivity across the organization. It further supports access from various OS like Android, iOS, Windows, and Google Play. Unlimited flexibility is no longer a luxury!

Advanced integrations
It is now proven that any organization cannot thrive in silos. Processes must be linked and information shared within departments for improved productivity and business success. Dynamics 365 is integrated with Microsoft Office 365, making processes super efficient, transparent, and quick to execute. This will allow you to access various services like SharePoint online, Microsoft Teams, One Drive, Power BI, and the entire suite of Microsoft services.

Get access to the latest upgrades
Upgrades are expensive, less frequent, and time-consuming on on-premise systems. In today’s world, not having an upgraded system can set your business behind. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central releases frequent updates that are aimed at performance enhancement, bug fixes, and improving business functionality. As a licensed ERP user, you get access to the latest upgrades without spending extra time and money.

Customized user interface
Business Central’s drag-and-drop interface allows users with zero development knowledge to customize the software to match their business requirements. It is easy to use and boasts a customizable user interface that works on role-based functionalities. For sophisticated or more complex customizations, Business Central’s logic can be easily deployed. Even during software upgrades, these customizations are saved; thereby saving time and leading to improved productivity.

Today, more and more companies are rapidly taking the plunge of migrating from GP to Business Central. Dynamics 365 BC streamlines key business processes improving efficiency and productivity.

Why Stay With Microsoft?

Microsoft presents myriad advantages to clients if they continue to stay with the platform as their choice of ERP provider. Businesses can leverage the capabilities of Microsoft Azure and Power technologies. One of the most compelling reasons to stay with Microsoft is the complete integration of Business Central with Microsoft’s productivity suite products like Outlook, OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint, etc.

Microsoft has built-in tools to simplify the migration of Dynamics GP to the latest version of Business Central, preserving all data and transaction history. Multiple modern, mid-market ERPs function as the potential replacement for GP, but the advantages of Business Central are by far the best.

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