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Privacy Policy

Citytech Software DMCC respects the privacy of each user and their personal information. Our Privacy policy statement is formed hereunder. Some of the important words/phrases being used are further explained herewith. “information” : data, content, news, reports, programs, photographs, pictures, graphics, video, audio, software, information and other materials and services, communications, transmission and other items, tangible of intangible. “personal data”: personal identification or sensitive data (including but not limited to names, ages, addresses, occupations, contacts, other details and credit card information)”services” : includes Citytech Software DMCC links, offer for sales/purchases, on line sale service and similar or explicit services as may be offered from time to time on the website “Citytech Software DMCC”, “we”, “our” or “us”., “our affiliates” : Citytech Software DMCC or its owner). It includes agents or licensors, and their respective agents, offices, affiliates and employees. “third party provider” : any provider of information or services to the website other than Citytech Software DMCC. “users”, “you” or “your” : any person accesses the website. “website”: www.citytechme.com and other website(s) from time to time hosted or added by Citytech Software DMCC.

Policy Overview

At Citytech Software DMCC, we assure you of our firm commitment to your privacy and protection of your personal data. We herewith present our Privacy policy statement to you and we encourage you to read it. As we are improving our site, our privacy policy will also correspondingly be updated. Your feedback in this respect would be highly appreciated.


We may conduct direct marketing of products or/and services via faxes, e-mails, direct mails, tele-marketing or/and other forms of communication to you or to whom you refer. You may opt-out of receiving such promotional material but we encourage you to receive such promotional/advertising materials which have been designed specially for you.


Some times cookies are saved by the user’s personal computer. These cookies are used by some websites (may be ours) to track or modify a user’s interaction with the site based on information sent by the user’s internet browser to the server.


We may without notice change, modify or/and withdraw access to this site or/and this privacy policy statement. We may do the same for any contents of this statement any time.

Personal data

Whenever you submit enquiries or feedback to us, it will require your personal data which will then be recorded and archived by us. Personal data may also be collected in the ordinary course of the other operations available on the website. We may make a record of your visits to the site that shows the domain name server address part of your email address and the pages visited. This information is used by us for preparing general statistics on the usage of our website.


Our privacy policy only applies to this website. For any reason, you may click on any advertisement or hyperlink linking to another website, it might make you leave our website and take you to another location or/and website. In that case we will not be responsible for your privacy, personal data or your protection from exposure to cookies. Our privacy policy will not be valid in that case and you should refer to the privacy policies of other location or sites (if any).


We intend to secure all personal data electronically and password protected. While data is secured in electronic or/and hard copy form, it will be accessible only to the employees of Citytech Software DMCC or its affiliate, its service provider or its programming company. Such employees would be acquainted with the privacy policy statement and would be told how to fulfill our obligation to you. We may retain personal data so long as the data is still required for all above purposes being mentioned. We reserve the right to retain copies for archival purpose indefinitely.


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