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MS Business Central implementation helps Al Kabayel Oasis Trading LLC unify the business



Gate Warehouse Price Retail Store is a one-of-a-kind retail store in the UAE to offer products across the board at warehouse prices. It is designed as the ultimate one-stop shopping destination for consumers on a budget, offering everything you need – from Clothing & Accessories, Footwear, Toys & Gifts, Health & Beauty, Electronics & Mobile Accessories, Grocery (Food & Non-Food), to Home Appliances – under one roof. Spread across 5 different locations in the UAE, GATE operates as individual stores with unique business models.


Prior to upgrading to full-featured ERP, Gate Warehouse Price needed help managing all the humongous data, centralizing its inventory, and consolidate financial data across all its five branches. A business of this magnitude relying upon archaic systems can be disastrous in the long run due to the non-automation of processes. Their IT landscape was complex which resulted in faulty and non-standardized reporting across branches. Consolidating data from all locations to present a unified analysis to support their growing workloads was the need of the hour.


After evaluating its business, Citytech chose to streamline its processes by implementing Microsoft Dynamics Business Central with LS Central. At its very onset, the management team understood that this implementation was more than an IT upgrade. Our implemented modules include Finance, Purchase, Inventory, Warehouse, and Retail. The functionality and automation provided by the ERP aided in more effective enterprise-level decisions.

By ditching disconnected systems, Al Kabayel can manage business processes better with a unified solution and access to real-time information. The integration provided all the benefits of ERP with additional advanced retail functionalities like POS, loyalty, eCommerce, etc. all in one unified software solution.

Our CEO made it his mission to see the program succeed. He led the steering-committee meetings with the Delivery Head and other key implementation specialists to ensure that Al Kabayel gets the promised benefits over its existing systems.

  • Implemented Business Central with LS Central across all the branches.
  • Master Data is centrally managed and used across the branches.
  • Centralized inventory visibility is helpful in planning and replenishment.
  • Centralized Gift Voucher /Loyalty Programs across the branches.


The project team had a clear vision to increase functionality through digital transformation with the ERP implementation. After a six-month go-live process, the changes were immediate, and the team reported a sharp rise in efficiency and productivity.

  • Centralized data repository
  • Common item master data across different branches
  • Centralized inventory and replenishment
  • Centralized promotions and loyalty across the stores
  • Better control of inventory ageing /vendor ageing process
  • Vendor price management and agreements

When implemented correctly, MS Dynamics 365 Business Central makes it easier to manage a complicated supply chain, as the Al Kabayel Oasis case study demonstrates.

If you’re considering an ERP implementation, schedule a consultation with our Business Central experts.

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